REACH Redmond expands to second site and adds licensed daycare

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) – For the first time in seven months, REACH Redmond has resumed service at the main site on SW 15e Street and also to a new location on the east side adjacent to the Opportunity Foundation at 835 East Highway 126.

In addition to the activities for school-aged children that REACH has been offering for more than seven years, it has expanded to include a licensed daycare, capable of serving 49 young people from early childhood to kindergarten. The facility reopened with two preschoolers on September 20. The staff are eager to quickly reach capacity with their unique program, according to Jenny McKenzie, Executive Director.

In partnership with the Kiwanis Club of Redmond, the project, led by 2021 Redmond Citizen of the Year, Alan Unger, was a labor of love to bring together two nonprofits that have stood the test of time for over 25 years in the Redmond community. .

“We’ve been trying to solve the problem of child care in Redmond for almost three decades,” Unger said. “By joining the Redmond Learning Center and Childcare with REACH, we eliminate double overhead costs and provide stability for long-term sustainability. “

“We are making connections for our young people to thrive in our community,” said McKenzie, who has led the progress of REACH since 2014, when it was still the Boys and Girls Club.

“We provide meaningful, fun and hands-on experiences, so they can discover themselves and their strengths,” she added, noting that the inclusion of the Pawsitive Choices, Stretch and Grow and Parents as Teachers programs has increased the level of services that really make REACH stand above traditional childcare models. “We are focused on the development of the whole family. We provide continuity of care from infancy to adulthood. Home visiting is an option to provide support to families as they navigate the ever-changing landscape of child development.

REACH was able to expand its programs to preschoolers after receiving a $ 200,000 start-up cost grant led by Redmond State Representative Jack Zika of the Oregon Legislature.

With grants from companies such as Hayden Homes, the facility was renovated and furnished and the curriculum purchased specifically for this age group.

Both REACH programs suffered during the pandemic. Because it lost its bus drivers during the pandemic, the west side location only serves elementary students at Lynch Elementary School because they are within walking distance of the facility, McKenzie said.

In November, they will start using a 12-passenger van to bring students from John Tuck Elementary School to REACH after school. College activities will begin for young people attending Obsidian. She hopes to re-establish the REACH before school program, but without reliable bus drivers, it will be a challenge to get back to the 100+ robust students who frequented daily before the pandemic.

Preschool enrollment is open to all families, McKenzie said. The Early Childhood Development site accepts payments from DHS and operates 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Due to the commitment to continuous advancement, REACH is closed on the first Friday of each month for staff preparation, planning and training.

The full-time cost for 3-5 year olds is $ 800 per month and $ 1,000 for 2-3 year olds. Part-time participants are welcome. Infants 6 weeks to 23 months ($ 1,200) will be accommodated with the addition of a subsidy in November. A catering service will be added when the number of registrations increases; until then, families are encouraged to send in a healthy lunch bag.

Register online at or in person at the REACH website for early childhood development. Telephone 541-923-4854.

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