Office and stationery supply chain Bureau Vallée chooses Openbravo for its centralized and omnichannel management capabilities

“Bureau Vallée’s transformation plan was born out of our need for an omnichannel strategy with the objective of putting the customer at the center of all our concerns and offering them a smooth journey regardless of the sales channels used. The goal is to deploy this omnichannel strategy. internationally in countries and territories that wish to adopt it. Everyone is completely autonomous and we firmly believe in this decentralized economic model ”, said Soizic Poirier, IT and digital project manager at Bureau Vallée.

Until now, the 15 countries and territories where Bureau Vallée is located had their own commercial management and e-commerce tools, which made it difficult to get a precise idea of ​​the Group’s results in terms of commercial management and marketing. ‘optimization of purchases.

In order to meet these challenges, Bureau Vallée chose Openbravo to build a common product repository.

Openbravo ensures that the local implementation is agile through the method of “copy territory”. Successive modifications and updates are replicated automatically in each territory that opts for the common technological base.

“With Openbravo we have implemented a ‘territory copy’ mechanism, a concept that allows us to copy an entire repository in an agile and fast manner. The productivity gains should be significant,” said Soizic Poirier.

Individual countries and territories continue to be able to operate fully autonomously, supplementing the common repository if necessary with articles specific to their local market.

The Bureau Vallée project, still in progress, will bring the following benefits:

  • A holistic view of sales, group-wide statistics and improved purchasing forecasting.
  • Better coordination and optimization of group purchases.
  • An expected improvement in productivity.

The collaboration between Bureau Vallée and Openbravo began in 2019 and the platform is now operational in France and Belgium, the second country to adopt the technology base.

About Bureau Vallée

Bureau Vallée is a chain of stores mainly offering stationery, school and office supplies, which started in 1990. The company currently has 353 stores worldwide. In France, the chain employs around 2,500 people and has 280 stores. Its international presence is growing in Spain, Belgium, Cameroon, Italy, Mauritius, Tunisia, Malta and the French overseas departments and territories.

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About Openbravo

Openbravo is the omnichannel software platform of choice for brands and retailers looking to accelerate their digital transformation and omnichannel strategy. Flexible, cloud-based and mobile-friendly, it enables integration between online and offline channels, personalized, convenient and more secure in-store shopping experiences, as well as intelligent order management with a single, real-time view of the inventory. International brands such as Decathlon, BUT, Caroll, Rubaiyat, Sharaf DG, Toys “R” Us Iberia and Zôdio favor Openbravo, which today has more than 18,000 back office users and 60,000 point-of-sale terminals.

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