Home Meal Delivery Resumes in Baton Rouge for Virtual Schools and Other Families | Coronavirus

With the fourth wave of coronavirus in Baton Rouge causing last-minute changes to virtual education, participating families are entitled to receive a week of boxed lunches delivered to their homes instead of what their children would have received at home. school.

The East Baton Rouge Parish School System announced on Friday that it was resuming home meal deliveries for virtual students. It also delivers meals, as it did last year, to interested families with children who are not currently attending after-school programs, which typically provide those same meals.

At its peak, the program, which continued throughout the summer, delivered approximately 4,000 meals per week.

About 1,000 children in the school system are learning virtually today. That’s a five-fold increase in the past two weeks, but far less than the 12,000-plus students who were learning strictly practically last school year. And more than 20,000 students are eligible for after-school meals delivered to their homes.

School system re-contracts with Baton Rouge-based company Targeted foods to distribute these extra-curricular meals. The signing deadline for this week’s deliveries has been extended to 5 p.m. Monday.

Here is the address of the online registration form: https://focusfoods.formstack.com/forms/east_baton_rouge_form

Once registered, families will need to confirm weekly that they plan to continue receiving meals.

First, it was just for virtual students. Now, families in East Baton Rouge Parish who send their children to school in person can qualify …

Another group of students eligible to participate are those who are forced to quarantine themselves at home due to contracting or being exposed to the virus, at least as long as they are required to stay home. The school system reported on Friday that nearly 1,000 people had to be quarantined in the previous week, although some of them were school employees and not students.

In addition to home deliveries, Focus Foods will soon be distributing boxed meals to four locations. Eligible families can register in advance for pickups or can register on-site if they are eligible.

Once a week, we will keep you updated on the progress of COVID-19 vaccinations. Register today.

Focus Start is installed in the car parks of these locations from 11:30 am to 6:30 pm from Tuesday to Saturday. Here are the four meal sites:

  • Glen Oaks Middle School, 5300 Monarch Ave.
  • Broadmoor College, 1225 Sharp Road
  • Saint-Pie Catholic Church, 6380 Hooper Road.
  • Sacred Heart Catholic Church, 2250 Main Street.

Children learning virtually will receive two boxes: a five-day box that covers breakfast and lunch, and a seven-day box with snacks and dinners for each day. The latter is strictly shelf-stable, nothing frozen. Children who do not participate in after-school programs will only receive the second seven-day box.

Some of the rules from last year have changed.

“We’re sort of making our way through this,” said Nadine Mann, executive director of the infant nutrition program for the school system.

For example, Focus Foods can no longer leave lunch boxes at your doorstep if you are not at home; someone has to be there to pick it up. If that is not feasible, these families can have their meals at one of the four collection sites, she said.

To be eligible, families must live within the boundaries of the parish school system and must be students of the school district. Thus, residents of Baker, Central and Zachary are not eligible, as well as those who attend private schools and other public schools, but outside the district. Students from a handful of charter schools in the parish that receive their meals through the parish school system are also eligible.

Enrollment will not affect families who already receive money for meals through the state’s Pandemic-EBT program, Mann said.

“This will not impact the PEBT,” she said. “It’s a separate source of funding.

Focus Foods also provides boxed lunches to eligible families in Ascension, Lafayette, Livingston and St. Martin parishes. Ascension and Livingston also make door-to-door deliveries while Lafayette and St. Martin have set up pickup sites. Registration forms for the five participating parishes can be found on the company’s website: https://focusfoods.org/register/

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