10 SALT activities for high school students

Between balancing basic education, administering assessments, grading homework, and preparing students for college and career, high school teachers have a lot to do. SEL activities can make your job easier!

When students have strong social and emotional skills, they are more motivated, engaged, and understand the value of their learning. SEL also helps reduce disruptive behavior and office referrals, allowing teachers to devote more time to their teaching. Additionally, SEL activities can improve high school students’ preparation for college and career and help them set goals for life after high school.

It’s easy to integrate SEL activities into your basic education! Here are 10 activities and lesson ideas for high school students, organized by subject area, to get you started.


Grades 9 to 12: Seed Preservers – Amerindian Agriculture

Teaching students about Native American farming traditions can be a fun way to build 21st century social and emotional skills. In this FutureFit ™ project, students explore the “three sisters” cultivation technique and how to conserve heirloom seeds.

Grades 9 to 12: Design and launch rockets from soda bottles

STEM projects are a natural fit for SEL as they require students to work together, communicate ideas effectively, solve problems, and overcome obstacles. This bottle rocket activity encourages older students to practice these important skills while trying not to shower in soda!

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